The Art

An Introduction to Aiki-Jujitsu


Jujitsu is a Japanese Martial Art born out of the feudal era. It is essentially the art of using throwing and joint locking techniques to defend one's self.


It propecia online is usually translated as "the gentle art" but this is a very limiting and also fairly inaccurate translation. "Ju" means "softness," "pliancy," "flexibility," "suppleness," or "yielding." "-jitsu" means it is from the class of Martial Arts described as "Bujitsu". These are true battlefield methods that are tried and proven in combat. They include Kenjitsu (the art of the sword) and Ninjitsu (the art of stealth). So, Jujitsu is better translated as "the art of giving way without up or giving in" OR "the art of pliancy". It is therefore evasive, emphasising the non-use of strength in defence, whilst also being positive – seeking to overcome the attacker. Because of its ethos, it is open to practice by anyone, irrespective of body type. Jujitsu was first described as a system in 1532.


From Jujitsu was born Aikijitsu – the art of harmonious spirit. From Jujitsu and Aikijitsu was born Aikido which is another very commonly practiced, modern Martial Art that was founded in the 1920s. Aikijitsu and Aikido use harmony – blending with an attack and absorbing the attacking power to redirect the attack into powerful joint locks or projections.


Before we continue, we need to look at Aikido briefly. As discussed above, Jujitsu is a "Bujitsu" art. Well, Aikido is a "Budo" art. With the end of the Japanese feudal era and the invention of firearms, the Martial Arts in their existing form were less and less effective so many modernised in order to preserve their place in Japanese society. They embraced the new Buddhist teachings and became methods not only of self defence but of personal development. So Jujitsu gave rise to Judo, Kenjitsu gave rise to Kendo and so on. In a Budo art, the goal is to pursue self improvement in all aspects of your self. So you become physically fitter, healthier in mind and also more spiritually aware of yourself. This is the mind-body-spirit system of which we talk about sometimes that underpins the way we work. We follow a "path." That is what "-do" means – a path. Remember that it is the journey that is most important, not the destination.


Jujitsu with added Aiki elements gives us Aiki-Jujitsu – "the art of pliancy, using harmonious spirit". So we are a fairly soft form of Jujitsu but are still true to our roots. Note that "soft" is a relative term as there's nothing soft about fracturing a bone or knocking someone out!


合Ai - Harmony

氣 Ki - Spirit

buy priligy Ju - Pliancy

clomid online Jitsu - Art of 

Aiki - Harmonious Spirit

Jujitsu buy levitra online - The Art of Pliancy

Aiki-Jujitsu clomid online - The art of Pliancy, using Harmonious Spirit